Commercial Drinking Fountains

Commercial Drinking Fountain Repair & Installation

As commercial plumbing specialists, we have all the current tools and resources needed to diagnose and address your problems. 

An image showing a commercial drinking fountain.

Commercial Drinking Fountains

Whether your business or organization needs drinking fountains repaired or installed, contact Foster Plumbing! We are a full-service licensed and bonded commercial plumbing contractor with 25 years of experience serving the Denver area. Our skilled plumbing team understands the complexity of drinking fountains, from installation to repairs.

Expert Commercial Drinking Fountain Installation

Many factors can affect the quality of a drinking fountain, from proximity to a clean water pipe and support filtration to stability and cooling. Foster Plumbing's team are experts at drinking fountain installation. We guarantee our clients that your water fountains will be assembled correctly, adequately secured, and properly flushed to provide your customers, associates, and the public with clean, refreshing drinking water.
An image showing a commercial drinking fountain.
An image showing a commercial drinking fountain.
An image showing a commercial drinking fountain.

Freestanding & Wall-Mounted Drinking Fountains

Drinking water fountains are heavy appliances. To ensure stability, free-standing and wall-mounted fountains must be securely bolted to the ground or wall with reinforcements. Our professional small projects team will guarantee the drinking fountains in your business or federal building are secure. When you work with Foster Plumbing, you can expect integrity and excellence.

An image showing a wall-mounted water fountain.

Invest in Clean Chilled Drinking Water

Drinking fountains' chiller units supply your guests and associates with cool water. Our expert plumbing team—with extensive experience installing cooling systems—ensures the connections and fittings to the chiller units are tight to prevent leaks and contamination issues. The final stage is flushing each unit to check for any problems. Our job is not complete until your drinking fountains meet our high quality assurance standards.

Denver's Premier Commercial Water Fountain Service

If you have a commercial drinking fountain project, contact Foster Plumbing! Our team of licensed plumbers has decades of drinking fountain installation and repair experience. We work with businesses and state, federal, and local agencies throughout the Denver area.

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