Backflow Prevention & Installation

Backflow Prevention & Installation

We are certified in backflow prevention, installation, and inspection to ensure your commercial plumbing system in Colorado is in compliance.

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Backflow Prevention in Denver

Foster Plumbing’s team of commercial plumbing specialists are licensed and certified to install, inspect, and test backflow prevention devices. Backflow prevention devices are installed in buildings to protect public drinking water. Backflow of water through cross-connection pipes can allow chemicals, bacteria, microorganisms or other potential health hazards to contaminate drinking water. To protect the health and safety of our communities, the State of Colorado and the city of Denver require the installation of backflow prevention devices in cross-connection systems and annual inspections.

Causes of Backflow

What is backflow? And why is preventing it a public safety issue? When new business owners or property managers learn about Colorado’s backflow prevention requirements, we often hear these questions. Backflow is a serious public safety issue because it’s when wastewater enters a freshwater supply. It is caused by a pressure imbalance between the freshwater system in your building and the wastewater system. For example, if the water pressure in freshwater pipes drops significantly, the pressure change can cause wastewater to flow in the wrong direction and contaminate freshwater.

Installing Backflow Prevention

Do you need to worry about backflow prevention? Yes. You need backflow prevention if you manage a retail location, restaurant, school, government building, or other commercial or industrial property. A backflow prevention device must be installed on any pipes that connect with the public water supply or with an auxiliary water supply, such as a well. The device must be installed and tested annually by a licensed plumber certified in backflow prevention to comply with Denver Water’s Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program. Our team at Foster Plumbing has the skills and experience to ensure your backflow prevention system is expertly installed and meets local and state requirements.

Backflow Testing

What is backflow testing or backflow inspection? When a certified and licensed professional tests a backflow devise to ensure it is working properly. The state of Colorado and the city of Denver require a backflow prevention inspection and test at least once a year. During this annual test, we will inspect the relief valves, shut-off valves, air inlets, and buffers. We will look for signs of wear and tear or issues that might cause the device to fail. Backflow testing and inspection typically takes less than an hour. Afterward, the test report must be sent to Denver Water’s Cross-Connection Control office.

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Whether you need a backflow prevention device installed, maintained, or tested, you can rely on Foster Plumbing! Our licensed and certified specialists are experts in cross-connection control and backflow prevention. We will ensure that your business or organization’s backflow prevention system is safe and meets the state of Colorado and the city of Denver’s requirements. Contact us today to set up an appointment!
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